​Top Reasons why Players Vote No For Sailing on 2007 rs gold

​Top Reasons why Players Vote No For Sailing on 2007 rs gold

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  1. It seems that the introducing of sailing is not that successful. However, why there are so many players vote no to the sailing? Of course, this is heavily depended on the game itself and the whole OSRS team. Many unbalancing contents exist in the game and players have a vague understanding about sailing, and these factors have great effect on the result. Though sailing has not come yet, your game need to carry on. You can buy runescape 2007 gold on RSorder for game use.

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    Players don’t believe Jagex will release balanced content

    Most people vote no tosailing because they don’t trust Jagex will offer balanced content. Definitely, the lack of trust is based on past updates of the game. You see, some dead or unused contents exist in the game and they need to be solved before adding new things. For instance, it took them like one year to fix AFK NMZ and splashing in the game. It is a time-consuming task to regain the trust of players. RSorder can be a great place for you to get cheap Runescape 2007 gold if you are in need of RS 2007 gold when playing the game.

    Players afraid of that sailing will like be RS 3

    The vague information on the developer blog not convey a good explanation about sailing, so some of the players are unwilling to accept new stuff because they afraid of that it will turn in to another RS 3. People are unlikely to accept new things quickly. Players vote no since they have no idea about how this skill will affect other aspects of the game. Maybe they should put out more details of sailing to players before polling the skill.

    The OSRS team will have to do further work on sailing and improve their game in a long run to ensure players will make the most of the game. But you also should make sure to have enough RS 2007 in the game. RSorder always offers cheap RS 2007 gold for players. 50% off sale for 255M RS 07 gold and 1100M RS 3 gold will be available on Sep 21. Be sure to snap up the cheap RS gold from RSorder on that day.


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