Top Three Impressive Features in WOW: Legion

Top Three Impressive Features in WOW: Legion

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  1. Hello, all WOW players. WOW: Legion is going to release. Are you excited about it? Here Safewow, the best WOW gold site 2016, gives you a look at the top three features in the upcoming Legion expansion.

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    1.Do dungeons in zones you want and your level doesn’t matter anymore.
    You can pick some herbs, work on some professions, dungeons and quests in whatever zone you want and the level you are doesn’t matter anymore.
    For example, if you are level 100 and your friend is level 106. You both roll up on the same rare spawn in Highmountain. When you see it on your screen, it is 100. When your friend sees it on his screen, it is 106. You both attack it and it takes damage from both of you. It has more health to you because you are high level. But the system adjusts your dps on your side like you were level 106. For your friend, it has less health and it adjusts his dps down on his side like he was level 100. All is done dynamically and is completely seamless.
    Dungeons work the same way. Level 98 players can get grouped with level 110 players in normal dungeons. And it all works like you were the same level.
    2.Level 110 characters can complete World Quests with lower level players.
    Level 110 characters can even complete World Quests that have dungeon spawns with lower level players. The lower level players don’t get credit for the quest, but the mobs still drop loot just like wandering mobs.
    3.Combine Suramar system with old-world areas to create new content
    The potential of combining the Suramar system with the reuse of old-world areas to create new, optional content is astounding. Just imagine if you could go back to your favorite zones and experience what happened after their initial story. Or even experience a whole new story in the context of a new expansion.

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