Top Three Instagram Alternatives

Top Three Instagram Alternatives

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  1. The buying of Instagram by Facebook for $1 billion caused quite the uproar on social media platforms with plenty of people vowing to discontinue use on the popular social photo sharing platform, Instagram. People believe that Facebook will ruin the essence of Instagram and make it too mainstream for the people who initially used Instagram when it first came out on iPhone. Just last week, Instagram for Android came out, and it made us question: is Instagram the best platform for sharing photos?

    Ultimately if you’re thinking of leaving Instagram altogether, there are plenty of other photo filtering apps that offer a wider variety of options than Instagram. The main feature that distinguishes Instagram from other photo filter apps is that it offers a whole new social sharing feature. However, it is debatable that the social sharing is unnecessary when you have the option to share your photos on other sites like Twitter and Facebook. Here are our top three favorite Instagram alternatives.


    Pixlr-o-matic is an app with infinite possibilities that is available for free on both Android and iPhone. The company claims that there are over 2,000,000 options between their different filters, frames, and lighting. You can make your photos look vintage, retro, and even hipster. It is a great app with few bugs. Sometimes it gets a little testy when you are trying to save large photos, but it is very organized and allows you to share your photos directly to your social media platforms from the app. The only negative of this app is that you cannot crop or adjust the hues and saturation through this app.


    befunky is one of the best apps that we’ve come across in terms of photo editing with many possibilities. Not only can you crop, change settings, change the color and saturation, but also you can apply effects (and adjust to what extent you want to apply them) and frames to your photos that you want to adjust. It is available on iPhone and Android and you are not even forced to share your photos. The only problems that we’ve experienced with this app is that it sometimes will not start. You are forced to uninstall and reinstall the app multiple times in order for it to work.


    picplz is very similar to Instagram in terms of filtering options. You can take a photo with this app and immediately add a vintage 70’s hue, black and white, and even a toy camera effect to it. Complaints about this app: it is incredibly slow compared to other photo filtering apps even though it does have good photo sharing capabilities.

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