Top Three Underused Saviors for Classes and cheap Tree of Savior silver selling

Top Three Underused Saviors for Classes and cheap Tree of Savior silver selling

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  1. Hello, players in Tree of Savior! What class are you in? Does your class rarely be known to others? Now, Safewow will list three underused Saviors for classes which are recommended by most players in Tree of Savior. By the way, Safewow offers a large number of safe and cheap Tree of Savior Silver. Welcome to purchase from us.

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    Fewer people play Hunter for Archers
    Many players recommended that the most underused class certainly is Archers. In Archers, people see a few players playing in Hunters and Rogues. Especially Hunters are the rarest. Because their skill set lacks the AOE until you get falconers ofc, IDK if its worth using them to C3. Also hunter’s pet cost food and the goddamn terrible AI. Players in Archers have lost count of how many times people stopped them to ask their thoughts on the class. Or people looked amazed at the fact when they found them in Hunter for Archers.

    Sadhu is underused for Clerics
    Many players in Tree of Savior haven’t seen Sadhus for Clerics here and there pretty often. Many players have seen a few number of sadhu when doing missions or dungeons. Also, many players are always amazed whenever they party up with a Sadhu.

    Rodelero for Swordsmen is not often seen
    Because of Rodelero has terrible class design with no real niche, Rodelero for Swordsmen is not often seen right now. What’s more, some players’ Rodelero are benched until they get the Korean update. So there are less people play Rodelero recently.

    No matter how is your Savior for Class rare or underused, just choose the one that you like and enjoy. And whenever you need Tree of Savior Silver, just come to Safewow. We are 24 hours on line. Welcome to buy cheap tree of savior gold here. Have fun!

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