Top site to buy 2017 neverwinter astral diamonds and enjoy Mod 11 the River District

Top site to buy 2017 neverwinter astral diamonds and enjoy Mod 11 the River District

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  1. It has been announced that Neverwinter next expansion will aim to reclaim the River District. And today, Neverwinter has unveiled the monsters of the River District, including Gyrion, Kabal, and Nostura.

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    The minions occupy the River District

    Neverwinter’s Rive District is overrun by powerful evil wizard and their followers. Some of them should be well-known before while the others are new for you.

    At first, we will talk about the minions. “The baddies of the River District can be divided into three main categories: the minions of Gyrion, Kabal, and Nostura. Gyrion’s group primarily associates with the Spellplague, consisting of Plaguechanged and Order of Blue Fire enemies. Kabal’s followers identify with iron and fire, including fire archons, golems, animated weapons, and Eldritch Knights. Nostura enlists magical beasts and the Fey, such as dryads, and trolls.”

    Face off the wizards themselves to take the towers down

    Clearing up the minions, you have to face off the wizards themselves, for they reign from their towers. Taking down these wizards, you will be rewarded new companions, new artifact weapons, and other loots.

    New companions include Blue Fire Eye, Volcanic Galeb Duhr, and Yeth Hound. All these mounts can offer you extra 5% – 10% damage versus Gyrion, Kabal, and Nostura respectively.

    Four Artifact Weapon sets will be given for each class, including Fey-touched, Fortified, a Master of Illusion, and a Far-Influenced.

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