1. What is traffic exchange?

    Traffic exchange is a website exchange service in which user surf ( see) others website in exchange of their website. It increase website ranking. Most important things is that high rank website ads are also high in value. Advertise must pay huge amount with high rank website. Traffic exchange become most popular. but sale become down because of traffic exchange. Advertiser start to ban this type traffic.

    How many type of traffic Exchange?

    There are two type of traffic exchange.

    1-Manual exchange-In the starting of traffic exchange, user must click at some box or match box or fill a capcha to see next website in traffic exchange. Time is running after a certain time usea must click at the matching box are capcha to see next website .User pay somewhat attention to website.

    2-Auto  Traffic Exchange-when it become popular then competition begin starts in auto exchange website. They start offering user to only open link it will automatically see website one after another. Users start it and leave it. There is no loss of time.

     But when advertisers stop paying for that type of visitor then new way of traffic exchange is born called “Anonymous Traffic Exchange“.

    Now best way to get visitor is social network. Advertiser prefers it most.  

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