Tree of Savior PvE swordsman with TOS Silver 10% discount sale

Tree of Savior PvE swordsman with TOS Silver 10% discount sale

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  1. What’s the best for PvE between these 2? (grinding and bossing)
    high c1-barb c3-dopple c2 (2 handed sword)
    or pelt c1-hop c1-cata c3-dragoon (1 handed spear/shield)
    I was thinking about the 2nd one for Swash Buckling and Earth Wave, but at the same time the DPS on the 1st one should be higher overrall. So im not really sure.

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    ok lets be real the best build for PVE is Sword>pelt>Hop3>dopp1>Dragoon with 150 crit buff and lunge its make this build super viable and do alot damage
    if you want to use sword not spear then go this build Sword>pelt>Barb3>dopp2
    this build got a really high damage buff from frenzy/warcry and with DOV its gonna make your dmg skyrocket (still lose to mage/archer) but you need to invest in dex to make some crit
    and lastly if you want to go cata your build is great
    this 3 build is currently the most viable for swordman pve except we got the balance change thats make highlander good like kTOS (no skyline cd)
    if so then
    Sword>High3>pelt or corsair or barb(if we got 50% slash dmg buff like ktor)>dopp2
    oh and i suggest you to not go high c1 since the twohand crit attk is really little and not worth to invest 1 rank for its (its add crit dmg thats so small and not worth to invest 1 rank in its)
    better go pelt than highlander for utility and being loved for party high lv (believe me sword no pelt is really hard to find party 220+)

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