​Truth Behind Snake Venom Creams

​Truth Behind Snake Venom Creams

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    You can’t decide to declare an all out war against dull, aging skin and launch separate battles with your skin issues, could you?  The secret is to make sure that everything you’re doing for your skin is well coordinated — that means, you have one goal only, that is, to get the youthful skin you’ve always deserved.

    What if you were told that there’s a snake venom inside your beauty jar? Might you still be willing to combat skin aging? You probably will for the sake of beautiful skin.

    Do you really have to tiptoe on the bizaare to stay forever young?

    Well, not really. Truth is, you may have better choices but, that depends on your skin and your aging skin issues too.

    If you do decide to go on the route of snake venom creams and believe in the promises of products like Hydrolux, there’s reason to believe that you might just find what you’re looking for — youthful skin locked in a bottle.

    Most of the snake venom peptide creams available, most notably the ones exclusively sold online, hardly provide proof of efficacy and test results. Unfortunately, there are more companies banking on the bizaare nature of the product rather than explaining the science behind it.

    There is one study that supports the claims being made snake venom peptide creams. That study was led by Dr. Nathan Trookman showed that a peptide infused in a wrinkle cream which resembled the wrinkle busting enzyme from the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper Snake prevented the development of expression lines. The study results were published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology in March 2009.

    So, when marketing people tell you that your wrinkle cream contains snake venom peptide, what the product in fact contains is a synthetically engineered peptide that resembles Waglerin-1. You’re not at all bordering on bizaare (smiles).

    Is snake venom peptide enough to keep your skin young?

    Despite this proof, many skincare experts remain skeptical about the potency and efficacy of the Waglerin-1 component often infused in snake venom peptide creams. These scientists are saying that the concentrations are too low to make any real, visible difference on your skin. In fact, skeptics say, users may have to reapply such products throughout the day just to obtain slightly noticeable improvements in the skin.

    Still more products like Hydrolux are being introduced in the market today. However, snake venom peptide alone may not be enough to suppress multiple signs of skin aging. That’s because what snake venom does is that it relaxes the muscles underneath your skin so that your wrinkles and skin folds can go back to their un-tensed, expressionless state.

    Therefore, snake venom peptide creams that do not contain anything else fall short of many other requirements necessary for attain youthful looking skin that lasts throughout your older years.

    So what else does your skin need?

    Aging skin needs vary and tend to grow in number as you grow older. What could be good about snake venom creams is the fact that these products are providing a potentially viable alternative to Vitamin A derivatives, retinoids and tretinoins most especially, that have been blamed for increased photosensitivity and thinning skin.

    Apart from wrinkle correctors, aging skin also need a host of other beneficial skin ingredients. The ones that can be obtained from wrinkle care creams include hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme Q10, antioxidants, peptides, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and ceramides.

    Hyaluronic acid and Co-enzyme Q10 are moisture promoting components that attract moisture and keep it in. Ceramides help lock in moisture by restructuring the outer layers of your skin. AHA helps turnover skin at a faster rate. Peptides improve the coordination of various skin cells, components and processes so that regeneration and skin renewal can happen faster. Antioxidants provide an added layer of protection for your skin. The most important antioxidants that you can derive from your wrinkle cream are Vitamins B3, C and E.


    Snake venom creams are an exciting new development in skincare. However, while the science may already be there, going back and forth from design to marketing and back may have to be necessary to really squeeze the benefits of this new discovery. For as long as more skincare products are investing more resources on R&D and not just for the sheer revenue-generating objectives of marketing, consumers are bound to see more promising wrinkle care products soon.

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