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  1. In Feb of 2013, I gave birth by C-section to two absolutely beautiful baby boys. They truly were a blessing. But then came the curse. Within 12 hours of their birth, twin A (Alex), decided he wasn’t hungry and would never eat again! That little stinker was so lazy he refused to suck on the bottle for more than a few seconds at a time, while twin B (Kirk) was eating everything in sight and growing strong. So the doctors rushed my little Alex to the NICU. This to me was the curse. My twins being separated almost right from birth. While my bond with twin B was growing strong, there was very little bond with twin A. I went to the NICU every chance I could, but I couldn’t take twin B in with me so back to the nursery he would go. This was heartbreaking for me, well for any mother. It was worse when they told me I was going home, but with only one baby. I didn’t want to leave the hospital, who would want to leave their newborn? We went up to the hospital everyday for four days and this time we were allowed to bring in the other twin. We would hold them (by we I mean myself and the twins father) side by side everyday, let their hands or feet touch. Then something amazing happened! Now, before I was discharged, twin A was showing no improvement at all. It had us very worried! But, after I was discharged, and we started bringing twin B with us to see twin A, that’s when they started seeing an improvement in his eating habit. He began to stay awake more and eat more, he was gaining weight every day now! So on the last day (we didn’t know it was the last day in the NICU yet) we went just as we had been for several days, but this time the doctors had great news! Twin A had gained to almost 5 lbs, and the doctors felt that it was the contact with his twin that made the difference. So they let us take him home and we were so happy!

    These twins, (and I mean all twins in general) are tricky little devils. My twins are fraternal, meaning they are not identical, but people still have trouble telling them apart. Anyways, so twin B took the lead at home. He ate more, he weighed more, he was even taller than his brother, so of course I assumed he was going to be my devil, while my tiny twin A was going to be my angel. BOY WAS I WRONG!! Twin A, my little Alexander, turned out to be the devil himself, I’m just kidding of course, but he is a bully. My precious twin B, my jolly green giant Kirk, is very quiet but extremely intelligent. That baby is so smart sometimes he scares me!

    The twins have been complete and total opposites from birth. Kirk was strong and Alex had some issues that I assumed would weaken him. I’m laughing because I had Alex pegged all wrong.

    Alex walked at 9 mos whereas Kirk walked at 12 mos.

    Alex’s first word was bye-bye at 9 mos whereas Kirk’s first word was MAMA at 12 mos.

    Alex crawled at 6 mos whereas Kirk crawled at 9 mos.

    It goes on and on. Alex kept excelling at such a rate I actually had people telling me that Kirk had brain damage! I was enraged by this! So I took them to their Pediatrician and expressed all of our concerns and what people were saying. The doctor just laughed, and said there’s nothing wrong with Kirk. Alex is extremely gifted, he’s a lot farther along than he should be, and to outsiders, he makes Kirk appear to be slow, but I can assure you he is not slow, but right where he should be. Kirk is a completely average healthy baby, he is fine. So that calmed all our fears and we just sat back and watch them grow and change.

    So having twins is definitely a blessing and a curse. They are 2 years old now and Alex is still reeking as much havoc as he possibly can (laughing) and Kirk is still so intelligent, that he actually checks to see where me and dad are at in the house before he does something wrong, and then he’ll take Alex along with him, so if we walk in the room and catch them, Kirk will step away real quick and leave Alex to get caught! They are something else….but they love each other so much!

    We haven’t decided how we’re going to deal with school yet. They do not like being separated. If one gets hurt they’ll both cry. If gets sent to the corner, they both cry. There definitely is a very strong connection between my boys.

    So if I’m an expert at anything, I’m an expert on twins!!

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