Two Methods to Take Down Yakamaru on rs3 gold’s Mazcab Raid

Two Methods to Take Down Yakamaru on rs3 gold’s Mazcab Raid

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  1. Yakamaru, as the second boss of Runescape’s first raid, Mazcab, is designed to be hard, especially its familiar damage, Jagex admitted. But a snow leapord will give players an unfair advantage, and people can earn one with 5 membership bonds on the Big Cats Quiz. If you don’t like to use this companion, you can easily defeat Yakamaru by trio kill, which is legit based on the official statement.

    Trio Kill Yakamaru in RS Mazcab is Not Bug Abuse, But About Stance

    What kind of bug has Woox abused to kill Yakamaru?

    It is not about bug abuse but a stance, Jagex confirmed

    Real bug: Yakamaru’s familiar damage



    The Big Cats Quiz offers Snow Leopard Cub for the use of Yakamaru
    Jagex has claimed that using a snow leopard will give people an unfair advantage to take Yakamaru down. Instead of putting millions of runescape 3 gold in to drop a snow leopard, people can be able to earn one easily from the Big Cats quiz, which is planned to support WWF.
    Currently, the answers for this quiz have been listed on RSorder so that you can earn points easily to adopt companions. But to unlock a snow leopard, you still have to pay total 5 bonds. Jagex jas promised that they will donate at least £2.85 per bond to WWF in support of their global conservation effort. Anyway, would you like to pay 5 bonds for this companion for the sake of defeating Yakamaru? This event is not permanent, so make a quick decision.

    Trio kill is not a bug abuse on Yakamaru
    If you don’t want to pay bonds for rs 3 companions, you can completely defeat Yakamaru by trio kill. Player Woox succeeded already, and Jagex has clarified that trio kill is not a bug abuse. Since the difficulty of Yakamaru, players can be able to make full use of the boss mechanics to make it.
    In the recent days, there was a fierce dispute about this issue. But allowing for the difficulty of this boss and the gains Woox farmed from Yakamaru, Jagex has no plan to change it now. After all, players didn’t gain anything from this so-called bug abuse, but lose 50 minutes of their own time. If they had abused some crazy gains, firm actions would be taken to stop it for sure.

    Get cheap rs 3 gold to put the strategy into practice
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