Two Ways to Prepare Resources for buy rs 2007 gold Double XP Weekend Sep 25

Two Ways to Prepare Resources for buy rs 2007 gold Double XP Weekend Sep 25

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  1. You may be familiar with Double XP Weekend. The second double XP will hit the shelves on September 25. People are busy panic selling or buying in buy rs 2007 gold. But I don’t want sell rare items blindly now, and some nice guys have given me a good advice as below.

    Training Advice for Runescape Double XP Weekend on Sep 25, 2015

    Double XP for members and 20% XP for free players

    Some advices for training and resources buying


    Take advantage of Treasure Hunter Promo before Double XP weekend
    When people are busy buying resources from the others, some experienced scapers are saving their cash until the week before Double XP weekend, and waiting for the Treasure Hunter promotion for DXP weekend. Once the promo starts, they will buy loads of keys and then spam TH for tons of prismatic stars and protean crates. Therefore, you can enjoy AFK protean skilling with 3x XP rate with BXP stacked. It is a really good and effective idea to hold extra gains.

    Buy supplies with Runescape gold to get ready
    To keep it safe, some people would rather prepare supplies in advance. So they have to sell everything, including rare items and top-tier weapons, for runescape gold cheap, and then buy charms, vials, seeds, and other supplies. With the panic selling of rare items, it is the best time to buy super cheap RS 3 items. Certainly, with the panic buying of resources, you would need much more cheap runescape gold.
    In my opinion, players had better compare the current prices with those on Grand Exchange. The resource prices would go up at the announcement of Double XP weekend, and then settle down in few weeks. In that period, we can master the price movements in general, and take an action in proper time… but one of my friends just said, “There is cheap runescape gold everywhere, even free, and why should we do that? In normal days, you can buy runescape gold on RSorder, where the staff serves you 24 hours. Besides, if you have a chance to get free runescape 3 gold sometimes on RSorder flash sale, and the upcoming flash sale is on August 10.”

    To be honest, I don’t want to buy runescape gold on online stores, but maybe I will rush to RSorder for some RS 3 gold free to gain. By the way, Double XP weekend excludes Iron men since extreme XP promos and Bonus XP weekend are barred from the game mode. I don’t care about the Ironman, but free runescape gold giveaways now…

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