Useful Skills to Defeat Mushin Tower Floor 8 with blade & soul gold 10% spring sale

Useful Skills to Defeat Mushin Tower Floor 8 with blade & soul gold 10% spring sale

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  1. With Mushin Tower Floor 8 opening on EU and NA servers, players are trying methods to defeat the three bosses – Mushin’s Pain, Mushin’s Rage and Mushin’s Darkness. Here safewow suggests you that besides cheap bns gold, you should also notice three important skills that triggered by the bosses in the top floor.

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    1. Every pain echoes forever

    When the boss says “Every pain echoes forever”, it will use a skill that doesn’t cause very high damage, but disrupt the player attacking rhythm.
    2. You think you can get revenge with this

    If you do less than 20% damage in the opening, the boss will say “you think you can get revenge with this” to cause cold spells to make the ground he stand and around 5 places to be ice. When the ice formed, if stand around the Mushin Darkness ,you will be hurt, and if you stepped, the ice will be generated about sustained 35000 damage per second. To avoid this, you can try to do more than 20% damage in the opening.
    3. Embrace your fury and unleash it upon the world

    When the Mushin’s Darkness’s health fall to a certain level (drop the blood 20% every time), he will say “embrace your fury and unleash it upon the world” and release the most powerful and continuously AOE attack skill that you can not defense. This skill is released after the dragon is called out, leading 4 times progressively larger AOE attacks, each attack can do the 10,000 high damage. Note, the moment when the dragon appeared, you will be damage. At that moment, you need an important tool – Kaoliang Ju, a life-saving skill that can be purchased at preparation layer or Floor 6.
    Well, these are the three skills that players should pay attention to on Mushin Tower Floor 8, hope can help you to get smooth process. And more blade and soul guide you can find safewow previous news. Also cheapest Blade and Soul Gold is ready to you anytime when you need.

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