Useful Tips for neverwinter PS4 Level up Faster with astral diamonds ps4 hot sale

Useful Tips for neverwinter PS4 Level up Faster with astral diamonds ps4 hot sale

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  1. Want to have a good time to boost your XP in Neverwinter? Look forward to the better way to upgrade your level as soon as possible in the game? Here we Safewow share you good ways to boost your XP and level up fast with cheap astral diamond neverwinter ps4.

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    Guide to earn double XP and level up fast in Nverwinter during the event

    As we know, the path from low level to high level is a long one, as the XP requirements for leveling up increase dramatically. That’s why it’s so important to play as efficiently as you can during events like Double XP weekend! Fortunately, from now until August 15 at 10AM PT, there is an event: 2x XP and 15% Pack Sale for every PS4 adventurer to earn twice as much XP from completing quests, killing enemies and attending other in-game activities with cheap astral diamonds ps. Guide as below will help you gain double XP and level up fast in Neverwinter during this event:
    1. XP gained from killing creatures in game.
    2. XP gained from professions.
    3. XP rewards from quests.
    4. XP rewards from invocation.
    5. XP rewards from completed Foundry missions.
    6. Companions will also gain double XP. Even if you are level 70, your companions will continue to gain double XP as you progress through the game. But you will not receive double XP from Sword Coast Adventures.

    Other tips for Neverwinter PS4 leveling fast

    In addition to the ways as above for your boosting XP, we also share other tips and offer cheap astral diamond neverwinter ps4 to help you level up fast.
    1. Go to Reclamation Rock, the level of mobs at Lv63 – 65. It is very easy to kill them and get much experience. Besides, there are many quests you can do. Each quest experience is almost about 14K.
    2. The wild monster level is 65-67 in Fiery Pit, which brings you the best experience earnings. You also can accept the quests, and kill Magma Brutes with richest experience in the location of Magma Brutes.
    3. The wild monster level is 67 – 69 in Spinward Rise map, including the Cloud Giants with the most experiences that is very easy to kill.

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