Useful Tips to Find Glyphs, New Pets Tamer & Cheap WOW gold in Legion

Useful Tips to Find Glyphs, New Pets Tamer & Cheap WOW gold in Legion

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  1. Christmas is fading away as new year is approaching. It is time to go off the beaten path in WOW Legion. Here will be some easy ways to find our glyphs, get new Pet Tamer, and buy cheapest wow pets and items. If you are tired of farming, you can directly buy safe wow mounts on Safewow as well.

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    Easy ways to find Arcane Momentum in Broken Isles

    Some spells and spell modifications can be used as glyphs in WOW. But usually they can be obtainable in odd ways, including Arcane Momentum.

    Arcane Momentum is a common one. it can teach mages to have Blink in the direction you are moving, rather than the direction you are facing. This spell modification is taught by The Amazing Zanzo in Dalaran. This NPC appears randomly, so you have to wander the streets to run into him. If you want to remove Arcane Momentum, you need to find the Amazing Zanzo again and speak to him.

    New Pet Tamer in the Barrens

    You may be unfamiliar with Crysa, but if you want to get the new wow pet Albino Buzzard, you have to be close to her. Crysa is located in the Northern Barrens and offers the quest Crysa’s Flyers. Beating her flyers, you will be rewarded Torn Sack of Pet Supplies which can give you a chance to obtain the new wow pet. Worth to mention that all her pets are level 25.

    Buy wow toys with cheapest prices on Dalaran

    In Dalaran, some forgotten but useful toys are now for sale, like Prismatic Bauble for 250,000 wow gold, Narcissa’s Mirror for 1000 Pet Charm, Mote of Light from Xur’ios. Besides, there are 2 new wow items, Dalaran Disc and Soft Foam Sword, from Jepetto Joybuzz.

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