Useful Tips to Level 99 Strength and Gain free runescape gold Fast on Runescape

Useful Tips to Level 99 Strength and Gain free runescape gold Fast on Runescape

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  1. When you are playing Runescape, you may noticed that it is quite hard to achieve level 99 in every skill. Typically, it will take quite a long time as well as RS gold to achieve a level 99 in Runescape. I’m sure that you have noticed that Strength training is one of the most beneficial skill to train. As a higher a player’s strength skill, the higher they will be able to. If you need RS gold, RSorder always is the cheapest runescape gold for sale site to buy cheapest RS gold. If you want to achieve level 99 in strength, you can read more to learn useful skills.

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    more details:

    Levels 1-20 – For starting out, you can head to northwest of Burthrope and kill Troll Brutes. This gives 40 exp per kill with very low life points.

    Levels 20-40 – Go into the Chaos and look for a room with Dag’on Hai monks. These have very high exp drops with very low life points. However, you should be careful since there are aggressive zamroak warriors here that can level you very fast.

    Levels 40-60 – Move to rock crabs at the northwest of Relleka lodestone. They make for great exp rates per hour and extremely being AFK.

    Levels 60-70 – Head to the hellhounds in Taverly dungeon. You can access a resource dungeon with 19 hellhounds spawns in it. Soul split will make food nearly optional if you have it unlocked.

    Levels 70-80 – Now, you can look for Living Rock Creatures which are famous for its ore drops. Besides, you can 120k worth of items if you can kill the living rock patriarch which appear every now and then.

    Levels 80-90 – Once you achieved level 80, you can consider moving to Exiled Kaplhites. As you can see, they will provide a decent amount of blue and crimson charms, lots of herbs & damaged chitin. What is more, you will get your hands on sharks which help prolong your trips if you are lucky enough.

    Levels 90-99 – When you achieved level 90, a great option for you is to look for Waterfiends which located in the Ancient Cavern. You will be able to gain up to 300k experience per hour as well profitable drops, such as water orbs.

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