Useful tips to Avoid 10% AH Tax When Buying Neverwinter astral diamonds or Items

Useful tips to Avoid 10% AH Tax When Buying Neverwinter astral diamonds or Items

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  1. If you have bought Neverwinter Astral Diamond or items via the Auction House, you may know the 10% AH tax. For example, if you buy Neverwinter Astral Diamond 1.1M, you will finally get 1M. How to avoid 10% AH tax when trading in Neverwinter?

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    What is 10% AH Tax in Neveriwnter?

    The AH tax is also called the posting fee, which exists every orders trading in Neverwinter Action House. For example, if you sell the bonding runestone for 900K Astral Diamonds, it would be reduced down to 810K in profits (not counting the posting fee).

    It is worth to mention that the AH tax is issued by D&D and borne by the buyers. It’s none of the sellers’ business.

    How to avoid the 10% AH tax when trading in Neverwinter?

    1. There is a VIP rank that removes the posting fee in Neverwinter Auction House.

    2. Some players said that the only way to completely avoid the AH cut is to trade items with other items. There really isn’t a standard for this, but the most commonly traded AD equivalent are Superior and Greater Marks of Potency.

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