Useful tips to Get Quartermasters Enchantment in Siege of Neverwinter witn astral diamonds on sale

Useful tips to Get Quartermasters Enchantment in Siege of Neverwinter witn astral diamonds on sale

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  1. The Siege of Neverwinter arrives on PS4 & Xbox already! With no doubt, it will push Quartermaster’s Enchantment at the peak, for refining and reselling the Quartermaster’s Enchantment would make more Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Xbox for you.

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    The loot in the bag depends on the rank of QMs
    Quartermaster’s Enchantment is always a goal for people new to Siege of Neverwinter. It is a reward dropping from the Siege of Neverwinter event. Rank 5 Enchantments can be bought at the vendor for 60 Dragon Cult Insignia, and Rank 7 Enchantments can be found in the Battlefield Scavenger’s Pack. But if you want to get better drops, you need to run the higher rank of dragons hoards.
    1. The different colored bags that are dropped (white, green, blue, purple) have more to do with the level of creature you’re fighting and don’t affect the loot that’s in the bag.
    2. The QMs do go on cooldown, increasing the time between drops, but the bags never stop dropping entirely.
    3. The loot in the bag depends completely on the rank of your Quartermasters in your gear at the time you open them.
    Open the bags at the right time
    Actually, you don’t need to open the bags until you have max rank quartermasters in all your utility slots. Besides, you can wait to open until double enchantment events. It will maximize quality and quantity of what you get from the bags.
    In theory, refining and reselling the Quartermaster’s Enchantment, Rank 9 and Rank 10 would yield a 30%-50% return of investment. But now many players prefer buy the Quartermaster’s off the AH in some cases.
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