Useful tips to Upgrade WOW Nighthold Legendary Items from 910 to 940 with wow gold for sale

Useful tips to Upgrade WOW Nighthold Legendary Items from 910 to 940 with wow gold for sale

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  1. WOW Nighthold raid will release on January 17, with the schedule of Nighthold raid release date. As players are confused with Nighthold Legendary item changes, Blizzard has updated information about how players can upgrade current iLevel 910 legendary items to iLevel 940 in Nighthold.

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    How to upgrade ilvl 910 legendary items to ilvl 940?

    1. Players with at least one Legion Legendary item will be able to find a repeatable quest in Dalaran. This quest can make players collect a number of Essences of Aman’thul.

    2. Essences of Aman’thul can be found from Nighthold Raid Bosses, Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache, Emissary Bags, and PvP Weekly Quests.

    3. Once you complete the quest, a Distilled Titan Essence will be awarded that will raise the legendary iLevel from 910 to 940.


    1. This quest is repeatable, so you can earn as many Distilled Titan Essences as you need to upgrade any Legendaries you have.

    2. Once Nighthold goes live, all new Legendaries you find will be item level 940.

    3. “This does not apply retroactively to Emissary Bags that you may already have in your inventory when the time comes. Only new bags earned after the Nighthold is open have the chance to reward an item level 940 legendary.”

    4. Essences will drop in all difficulties of the Nighthold, included LFR.

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