Useful tips to turn a good blade and soul into a disaster with bns gold on sale

Useful tips to turn a good blade and soul into a disaster with bns gold on sale

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  1. So we have all been there … you finally found a good mmo that you would probably like to stick with for a while and then a few months later you see the SAME OLD LAME PATTERN REPEAT ITSELF until the players get fed up and just leave. We saw it with a dozen mmo’s before BnS and now we have reached the part of the story where the goodbyes start.

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    If there is ever a guide book on how to turn a good game into a disaster then the recipie must be :

    1) Fail to recognise your target audience (no we are not korean players who love to grind, rng gamble and no life a game to death all day… i dont think ill waste my life grinding 58 million xp 8-10k at a time for 1 measly hongmoon point lmao).

    2) RNG EVENTS with the odds stacked against the players JUST CAUSE FRUSTRATION AND ANGER … NCsoft your not helping your cause here, more people get pissed off by your events than those actually even remotely interested by them.

    3) Pay to get ahead is tolerated as long as its within reason, putting 50 corallite in a 25 euro package in an event that fails at stage 1 like 70% of the time just shows unjustified greed on your part, im a premium member and even im stunned at the greed and stupidity of the prices you charge in the store.

    4) The addon Lyn costume ( yes the one that suddenly gives a child like race ample breasts and cleavage) and the way it was distributed is JUST WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS .. as a father of a 4 year old daughter i really do object to the message NCsoft is sending out with that perverse costume .. really guys are we going down to this level now !

    On the whole i personally believe this new patch is a MAJOR DISASTER with the screwed up events, more RNG on everything and the same old ridiculous grind fest day after day with no real innovation in the game at present or in the near future. The game has gone from being a fun activity with your guildies to a grind fest with more and more repetitive content and frustation on a daily basis … personally i dont think i’ll be renewing my membership, sorry NCsoft but your just being greedy and not making any real effort here.

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