Vote Yes or No for cheap runescape 2007 gold Deadman: Play on Existing Account but No Substitute

Vote Yes or No for cheap runescape 2007 gold Deadman: Play on Existing Account but No Substitute

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  1. Reports about cheap runescape 2007 gold Deadman Mode now spread everywhere. With the official announcement, many details has been changed and set, like accounts for Deadman Mode, combat skills to be protected, and others. Besides, Jagex has confirmed that if it doesn’t pass there won’t come anything in its place. Would all these changes change your mind for Deadman Mode?

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    Change 1: play Deadman Mode on existing accounts

    Originally, many people vote no to the Deadman Mode poll, because the developers claimed that this game mode will follow Ironman Mode, which requires a separate account and still works well among players. But based on feedback, Jagex decides in the latest update that people can be able to use their existing accounts to play Deadman Mode with no additional fee, and also possibly use bonds to pay for memberships. But Deadman has no effect on your main character, and you can buy runescape 2007 gold from RSorder for your current characters.

    Change 2: two combat skills will be protected, rather than 5

    At first, Jagex allowed people to protect up to 5 skills at a time so that players don’t lose any XP in these skills. But we know this mode will be too easy to loot for people. So afterwards they changed to have only 2 combat skills protected.
    On one hand, you will not lose the specific amount of XP since you can lock 2 combat skills. For example, if you die after Druidic Ritual, you will have a chance to train Herblore, because XP from quests remain partly. On the other hand, except for its advantage, it makes balance among players in some degree. Combat stats would probably be the easiest to level, but things such as Woodcutting and Cooking might be in non-safe zones.

    Change 3: separate servers for Deadman, and only one world

    Yeah, we pretty know Deadman Mode is full with PvP, but you know how it is going to work actually. Of course players will play this mode on their existing accounts, but Deadman Mode servers will have them set back as a new character. Therefore, they will keep current stats on old school servers and have different stats for deadman. So take it easy. You can collect cheap rs 07 gold by all means on OSRS servers, like snap up some for free on RSorder. It’s ok.
    Besides, there will be only one world in Deadman. If people lose stats and bank in that world, it is ok and has nothing happen to the main account.

    Change 4: no new content replaces Deadman even if it doesn’t pass

    It may not be regarded as a change, but an announcement, Mod Mat K has confirmed that Deadman mode won’t take up a lot of dev time, and if it doesn’t pass there won’t come anything in its place.

    Although Deadman Mode has not been released yet, it is likely to be out in October. Will you vote yes or no for Deadman Mode poll? It is much more fun for most players. So vote for it, please!


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