WOW 7.1.5 PTR:WOW Token Return & AP Ups with safewow wow gold Black Friday sale

WOW 7.1.5 PTR:WOW Token Return & AP Ups with safewow wow gold Black Friday sale

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  1. WOW 7.1.5 PTR continues with a way to catch up Artifact Knowledge on alts and WOW Token integrated with Balance. Besides, goods new pops up that Blizzard will remove WOW AP gained from the exploit.

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    WoW Token gets integrated with the Balance

    Last year, we introduced WOW tokens which can be used to buy wow gold in World of Warcraft. It can be redeemed for 30 days of game time, or Balance. Balance is an electronic balance players can use to purchase Blizzard Entertainment games and services, including:
    1. Digital versions of Blizzard games including Digital Deluxe editions.
    2. Character services like realm and faction transfer.
    3. World of Warcraft mounts, pets, cosmetic helms from the in-game shop.
    4. Hearthstone card packs and adventures.
    5. Heroes of the Storm Heroes, skins, and mounts.

    WOW Artifact Power gained from exploiting will be removed

    In the past week, more and more people excessively used WOW Artifact Power exploit to farm WOW AP. Even some people gained 2 millions in one night. We all know that the most hardcore raiders and dungeon grinders aren’t getting a million in less than a week. So Blizzard had to ban anyone who had obviously known what they were doing but hasn’t removed the rewards.
    But a 1-2 day ban cannot effect to wow exploiting. Based on the latest update, Blizzard decides to remove the Artifact Power earned from those who excessively abused this exploit.

    Ways of Artifact Power improvement in 7.1.5

    1. Bonus rolls can now reward Artifact Power in WOW 7.1.5.
    2. Turn in 500 Order Resources for Artifact Research Synopsis to work up to Artifact Knowledge 15 in PTR. You will need 7500 Resources total to go from 1-15 instantly this way.

    WOW 7.1.5 PTR is ongoing as actions against WOW Artifact Power exploit have been carried out. That means, you can fully enjoy the game with wow token and Artifact Power improvement. While using WOW Tokens, you can still buy cheap wow gold from Safewow, with extra 7% off code “SW7OFF”.

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