WOW Museum exhibition honours late designer Claire Prebble with wow gold 10% off Xmas sale

WOW Museum exhibition honours late designer Claire Prebble with wow gold 10% off Xmas sale

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  1. Nelson’s World of WearableArt Museum has launched its summer programme, featuring a memorial exhibition by Claire Prebble and costumes from this year’s WOW awards, Judith Ritchie reports.

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    From a little tot growing up in Golden Bay, Claire Prebble always knew exactly what she wanted and nothing would deter her from that path. Her parents, Sarah Hornibrooke and David Prebble say she was a woman driven to create and this took her to heights many can only dream of.

    “She excelled with an eye for detail, making costumes where every bead counted; she’d work meticulously until everything was perfect, and never give up,” David says. “She was adamant about business, starting her first business selling guinea pigs at the A&P Show when she was eight.”

    Claire passed away last year at age 30, after battling melanoma. Claire first entered WOW at the age of eight, with a costume made in conjunction with her mother. In 2004, at just 18, Claire become the youngest ever entrant in WOW to win the coveted Supreme Award, with her delicate wire piece, Eos.
    As a tribute to her extraordinary talents, WOW Museum is featuring seven of Claire’s intricate bejeweled costumes in an exhibition. This includes a previously unfinished piece, Warrioress of Light. Claire’s distinct full body jewellery pieces are made from sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, glass beads and silk, some taking months, others years to complete.

    Growing up, Claire was inspired by the bush and natural beauty around her in Golden Bay. Her mother Sarah, an artist, ran classes from home, something Claire also acknowledged had inspired her creativity. Claire didn’t care for conventional education and her parents supported that. At six her father dropped her off at a local jeweller’s front gate instead of at school.
    Summer Feature Artist Claire Prebble, free to the public until the end of February, 2016 WOW Awards Show Exhibition, Nelson Classic Car Collection, National WOW Museum, 1 Cadillac way, off Quarantine Rd, Annesbrook, Nelson. Open daily.

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