Walking vs. Running: Which One is Better For You?

Walking vs. Running: Which One is Better For You?

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  1. Exercise is important for everyone; however it is important to choose an exercise that you feel comfortable with such as walking or running. But, how to know whether walking or running is best for your daily exercise routine?

    Running or Walking: Which to Choose?

    There are certain key areas to think about before choosing a walking or running exercise routine. It is important to keep in mind that both exercises work well to keep the body fit and lean; however, there are other factors to consider before making a choice such as:

    • The intensity of the exercise. Running is more intensive and will help you to lose weight faster than walking.
    • Walking is a good exercise; however, it will not be effective unless you walk at a good pace.
    • Running is better for those younger than 40 because their body–especially their muscles are young and healthier than one over 40. Those over 40 need to be careful not to put too much pressure on their heart and that is why in most cases, walking is better for older adults.

    Health Benefits of Walking

    Walking is an exercise that anyone can do and it is a great way to stay healthy. In addition, walking is a more gentle exercise than running but has many benefits such as: helping to lower your cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol, lowering your blood pressure, works well when wanting to lose weight, helps to lower depression and anxiety and keeps your body fit and strong.

    Health Benefits of Running

    Running is a great way to exercise and is an exercise that is more challenging and demanding than walking. There are some great benefits with running such as: a wonderful aerobic exercise for "physical conditioning of your heart and lungs," helps to reduce the chance of getting a heart attack, helps to relieve depression, increases bone density–which is a great help in preventing osteoporosis, and helps those who want to lose weight. However, running is an exercise that should be approached cautiously because of its intensity. Getting a doctor’s evaluation of your health first, is a must.

    To conclude, running and walking are both wonderful exercises and help to prevent many diseases of the body and mind. Running is better for those who are younger and in good shape; while walking is preferred for those over 40 but who want to maintain their good health. Whatever exercise you choose, stay with it and you will receive many wonderful health benefits. Most importantly, both exercises will not only keep you healthy in body and mind but also will keep your immune system in good shape and that means lessening your chances of becoming ill.

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