Watch or Skip: Your Guide to the Best Fall 2011 TV Shows

Watch or Skip: Your Guide to the Best Fall 2011 TV Shows

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  1. The new fall primetime television line up may be one of the most jam-packed schedules in history. Here are the shows you should watch, record, or skip throughout the week. (We recommend setting your DVRs to automatically deleting old shows, because it will fill up fast!)


    Chaz Bono DWTSWatch: Dancing with the Stars promised to deliver A-listers this season, and they did. More than ever we have provocative and controversial contestants including Law-expert Nancy Grace, reality TV "stars" Kristin Cavalleri and Rob Kardashian, and their first transgendered contestant, Chaz Bono.

    We can never get enough of great sitcoms, and Two Broke Girls doesn’t disappoint. It is definitely one of those shows that you should watch because it’s clever, funny, and sexy. Moreover, the CBS Monday line up is legen-(wait for it)-dary with How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men with great-fit Ashton Kutcher, and Emmy award winning Mike & Molly.

    Skip: We really tried to give Hart of Dixie and The Playboy Club a chance, but we just couldn’t get it to stick. Although Rachel Bilson is adorable, we can’t seem to wrap our head around her becoming a doctor since her last role on television was as the endearing teenager Summer Roberts on The OC. The Playboy Club’s cast is decent, Amber Heard is great, but Eddie Cibrian is trying too hard to be Don Draper. It’s a show that is worth watching for the costumes, but the plot is not as captivating as one would hope.


    ringer sarah michelle gellarWatch: Tuesday’s line up is unbelievable. We still love GLEE (even though we are hoping for a new twist to the same-old-plot), and Fox’s "New Girl" follows a-dork-able Zooey Deschanel through her experience with three male roommates. Although both shows try a little bit too hard, they are definitely worth watching.

    We also like Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. While we think she probably hasn’t aged since her days as Buffy, the Ringer offers a surprising twist with each episode. We are not 100% positive that our verdict will stick (we can see this show getting old quickly), but primetime TV royalty deserves a chance.

    Other notable shows: NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Parenthood, The Biggest Loser.

    Skip: The Dancing with the Stars results show is worth skipping. Don’t waste an hour watching it – just look it up online afterwards.


    up all nightWatch: We are happy to see the return of Modern Family, Survivor, and Harry’s Law. We also are loving this season of America’s Next Top Model because Tyra Banks is bringing back the "all-stars." Although they seem to be trying to brand themselves a little bit too hard, it is definitely a great twist from the usual since we were getting tired of watching 13 awkward, deceptively-pretty, wafer-thin girls trying to be liked each season.

    Up All Night and Free Agents are also great comedies that are worth watching. Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph star in Up All Night – and this cast could not be more perfect and entertaining. Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn have great chemistry and the sarcastic undertones make for a great comedy.

    Skip: H8R and The X-Factor. Maybe the X-Factor will pick up but right now it just seems like American Idol on steroids. H8R – the show where "celebrities" try to convince people who hate them to like them – seems rather ridiculous and self-centered. Maybe it would be worth watching if there was nothing else on – but Wednesdays are jam-packed with gold.


    person of interestWatch: Person of Interest is a show that reminds us of LOST in the sense that it keeps your attention. It is fast-paced and the characters are relatable and believable. We are also surprised at how funny The Office still is even after Steve Carell has left. Their season premiere left us rolling on the floor laughing.

    NBC has a great line up with Community, Parks and Recreation, and Whitney all surrounding The Office. All are worth watching.

    Skip: Sorry, ABC, but we can’t get into your Thursday Night line up! Charlie’s Angels mixes pretty girls with action and bad acting. Also, we feel that Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice have run their courses.


    pan amWatch: We are excited for Once Upon a Time to premiere starring Ginnifer Goodwin, and we will definitely tune in for the drama-packed final season of Desperate Housewives.

    We are pleasantly surprised by Pan Am, starring Christina Ricci. The premiere left you asking a lot of questions – which makes us intrigued and wanting more. It’s just not just a bunch of pretty girls in uniforms – these women are smart and have secrets to hide as we go through history in the 1960s. The first episode gave us a look into the Bay of Pigs.

    Stay tuned for The Good Wife, Family Guy, and American Dad. We like all of these as well.

    Skip: Worth skipping is The Amazing Race in our opinion. Some people love it, we can’t seem to sit down and sit still.

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