Welcome to buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds PS4 as neverwinter live on PS4

Welcome to buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds PS4 as neverwinter live on PS4

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  1. Neverwinter has hit the ground running with the release of the game on PlayStation 4. The gate for Neverwinter on PlayStation?4 has opened for you to begin your adventure. However, in the Forgotten Realms, what surprises is waiting for you? Is it possible to link characters from the PC to the PS4?

    Happy news for neverwinter PS4 will launch on July.19.Time to enjoy safewow cheap neverwinter astral diamonds PC/XBOX/PS4 now.

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    What you can enjoy from Neverwinter on PlayStation?4?

    The first good news for you is that Neverwinter is free to play for all PlayStation?4 players and PlayStation?Plus is not required. Totally nine expansions and eight classes are waiting for you to explore. All you need to do is to download Neverwinter on PlayStation?Store and buy neverwinter astral diamond ps4 for sale on Safewow to begin your adventure.
    The second surprise is that you can obtain a free Electric Tiger mount, which is exclusive to PlayStation?4 and will increase your mounted movement speed by 50%. Just complete the tutorial and head to the Rewards Claim Agent, the magically-altered beast will be your gentle mount.
    More importantly, On the PS4, you are going to get a ton of content and current story will be brought up really fast – so fasten your seatbelt!

    Is it possible to link characters from the PC to the PS4 using the ARC system?

    Unfortunately for you, the game would not feature cross-platform compatibility. You won’t be able to play with PS4 users if you are PC users. And it is also impossible to import your PC accounts and characters over to the PlayStation4, even if you have a high level character on PC.
    “Currently we don’t have any plans to allow transferring of characters between platforms. While the platforms are similar, there are minor differences that could cause characters to not work or in worst cases, bring down game servers. I’m not saying that won’t ever change in the future, but it’s not in our plans right now”, said Producer Ben Bascom on The PlayStation 4 Launch Day Interview.

    Although there is no cross play or cross transfer whatsoever, Neverwinter on PlayStation?4 is till fantastic with the adventure across ruined cities, sweeping fields and fiery mountains. So fire up your PlayStation?4 and buy neverwinter ad ps right now to join millions of adventurers. It’s time to defend the realms!

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