Welcome to get safewow Halloween 9% off wow gold as WOW Patch 7.1 coming

Welcome to get safewow Halloween 9% off wow gold as WOW Patch 7.1 coming

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  1. Game Director Iron Hazzikostas has announced that WOW 7.1 Patch, Return to Karazhan, will arrive on October 25, and a new mini-raid, Trial of Valor will open on November 8, two weeks after the Karazhan dungeon opens. Read on for more details about Return to Karazhan and Trial of Valor.

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    New content in WOW 7.1, Return to Karazhan

    Return to Karazhan is a five-player dungeon with nine bosses. WOW patch 7.1 features outdoor Suramar content that’s part of the Nightfallen story. What’s more, the patch will introduce a new mini raid, called Trial of Valor. It is supposed to bring the Stormheim story to an end.
    Besides, World of Warcraft’s new director, Ion Hazzikostas, answer more questions about the patch. Speaking of that, you should know that a new potion, Potion of Prolonged Power, will be added for Blood of Sargeras in WOW Legion 7.1.
    If you could hardly wait to experience the Karazhan dungeon, you can try it right now on World of Warcraft’s PTR.

    New raid Trial of Valor in Patch 7.1

    Trial of Valor as a new raid will open on Nov 8 on US and Nov 9 on EU. Mythic and LFR will likely open one week later.
    Trial of Valor quest will start with A Call to Action, Athreat Rises, Helya’s Conquests and Odyn’s Favor. Once you log in WOW 7.1, you will find a raven in Dalaran to get started. The above quest series will unlock new Helarjar World Quests.
    As for loot, Trial of Valor loot will be +5 ilvls higher than Emerald Nightmare Loot. Instead of Tier loot with set bonuses, Trial of Valor will provide a number of relics from bosses, like:
    Odyn: Holy, Arcane, Iron
    Guarm: Shadow, Fire, Frost
    Helya: Storm, Fel, Blood, Life

    World of Warcraft Legion has created a new record among the previous expansion, and Patch 7.1 will give all players a new chan exciting challenges. So it is worth to mark the calendars and get ready to Return to Karazhan on Oct 25. If you need, you can buy cheap wow gold on Safewow and we will deliver the gold to you in 15 minutes!

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