Welcome to join safewow Hallow wow gold for sale and enjoy Headless Horseman Mount now

Welcome to join safewow Hallow wow gold for sale and enjoy Headless Horseman Mount now

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  1. On November 18, WOW 2016 Hallow’s End went live in Legion. But there are two things you need to know at first. One is that the Headless Horseman dungeon awarded the Horseman’s Reins only at 0.5% drop rate, and another is that 4 cosmetic witch hats are not transmogable intended and that the cosmetic tag will be removed.

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    Features of WOW Legion Headless Horseman dungeon

    Every year, Blizzard holds Hallow’s End to celebrate Halloween. During Hallow’s End, players at the level cap can queue for the Headless Horseman Event WOW to win the rare mount, the Horseman’s Reins. There is no exception this year. 2016 Hallow’s End starts already and ends on Nov 1!
    If you want the headless horseman mount, you now can queue for the Headless Horseman dungeon via dungeon finder. You can do the dungeon on each character each day during Hallow’s End to het as many chances as possible to win the mount. But before that, you need to level up all your characters to 110 at first.
    Besides, the Headless Horseman mount only drops from the loot-filled pumpkin, not the boss. This pumpkin can be rewarded daily per char from this dungeon.
    In the past 8 years, many people rush to the headless horseman dungeon for the mount, but draw a blank. Some expert players said that headless horseman mount drop rate is only 0.5%.

    Four witch hats cannot be transmogged as intended

    Except for the Headless Horseman mount, Hallow’s End 2016 adds 4 awesome cosmetic witch hats. But unfortunately, they cannot be transmogged. After looking into this issue, Blizzard clarified that these items are not intended to be transmogged and that the cosmetic tag is to be removed in an upcoming patch.

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