What To Do When You Have No Experience

What To Do When You Have No Experience

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  1. A resume will get your foot in the door or get the door slammed in your face.  You have thirty seconds or less to win the heart of your potential employer.

    What happens, though, if you have no experience?  Perhaps this is your first job, or maybe you have been out of the workforce for awhile.

    Here are some tips to help in that situation:

    Add an objective statement to your resume the focuses on your strengths, such being punctual, responsible, a problem-solver. instead of your weaknesses.  Think of all those qualities that you possess that a potential employer would see as an asset.

    Highlight classes you have taken related to your field.  Yoga class might not help unless you are being a yoga instructor, but accounting class could if you are applying for a bookkeeping position.  Put them under "Relevant Coursework."

    List all volunteer experience.  Things you weren’t paid for, such as organizing the church bazaar or the woman’s luncheon, still count as experience.  Volunteer in places that you would like to work, such as the police station or library.  When a job comes up that you are qualified, you will be tops on the candidates’ list because the key managers know your character and quality of work.

    Do not lie and puff up your job history, if you have none.  One call to your fake employer will leave a bad taste in your potential employer’s mouth.  Lying is never a good thing when looking for potential work.

    Be honest.  Highlight your strengths.  Add to your experienc through volunteer opportunities and temp jobs until your resume gets noticed.

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