1. I have worked in the mobile consumer/manufacturing environment for almost 10 years now and I still struggle with what electronic and mobile equipment I want. Maybe its due to the fact I know so much of the finer details and know what the latest and greatest is. Had I not known this I am sure I could make an easier choice, or at least quicker. I like the Android OS and its ability to fine tune things as well as the ease it lets you interact with all your other mobile/PC devices. I am a fan of Apple as well due mainly to their incredible design and build quality. I have yet to see anything touch the quality of their products overall. Obviously this is all debatable and to each his or her own. Apple just gets it right and you don’t need to do anything to make it better. But I think some fun of having an Android based device is because you can make it your own with every little trick and twist. I want an iPhone because its so svelte and pretty but knowing its the iPhone 6 half life right now I would rather wait for the iPhone 6S or whatever they choose the moniker to be. There are several good phones due to come out very soon, the Sony Z4, The Galaxy S6, the LG G4, the HTC M9 etc.. these are the upper end phones of course which is what I go for and want. I will wait to see them arrive and then make my decision. Chances are I will enjoy my choice but of course a few months will pass and the next hot item will be out thus rendering my selection no more fun. Here is the way it is in this day and age of the current mobile and high tech electronics market. Time to market and keeping the items rotation going is key to getting volume and product out the door and into the consumers hands quickly and efficiently. I wish I was a normal consumer and just go buy what everyone else has or wants then the waiting would be over, the instant gratification would last longer and I wouldn’t be contemplating such a sometimes meaningless challenge. C’est la Vie.  

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