​What is Unsustainable Power for Magnesium Oxide Industry?

​What is Unsustainable Power for Magnesium Oxide Industry?

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  1.    At present, magnesium oxide industry is already starting to take shape. The demand and supply, production, research and develop, and staffs are operating efficiently. Therefore, how should choose the next step for magnesium oxide manufacturers? I think that the answer is brand building. Not only in the production technology but also in the research productivity, we have already been to national standard, even exceed EU standard. However, we have no ourselves brand and reputation. It seems not conform with our strength. With the developing strength, why is the magnesium oxide’s brand so weak? What is lacking in magnesium oxide brand? Now, let’s talk about it.

       As we have often argued, brand is powder and soul. However, we often hardly feel the charm of magnesium oxide brand. In the terms of some important elements, such as brand core competitiveness, brand equity, cultural charm of the brand and so on, most of our brands fail. Over the years, the brands we seen are often depressed after a short brilliance. Some of them even disappeared. Why are they so weak? Why could some foreign brands develop for hundreds years? These questions need to research by not only scholars but also entrepreneurs and government. Because brand economy is a good thing for the nation and people. It is a economic strategy.

       It is easy to understand the weak of magnesium oxide brand. One is the wrong understand for brand. The widely spread copycat brands is lacking of internal force and foundation. Therefore, it is short-lived. In many people’s opinion, the brand is just advertising. In addition, some planners even think that do plan is build brand. Therefore, they did not real build the ability of brand. The causes are the lack of connotation, temperament and intensify. Magnesium oxide manufacturers need a sustainable and peace mind. However, our environment often pursues to generate quick cash as quickly as possible. It has already been a kind of value. So they have no patient.

       Therefore, the magnesium oxide suppliers should improve product quality with patient and create brand from the root depend on internet and the support from government. I believe that we will have our magnesium oxide brand and walk to the world.

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