When to Use an Area Rug

When to Use an Area Rug

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  1. An area rug is one of the most practical home accessories out there as it serves the dual purpose of decorating as well as greatly reducing wear and tear on carpet or flooring. 

    Now there are a variety of area rugs to choose from – such as the exotic like Oriental or Persian, which have to be professionally cleaned.  Or if you’re just starting out, you may prefer cotton or a synthetic blend that can be machine washed.

    At one time, area rugs came in singular colors and most of those were monochromatic or earth tones.  However, when do-it-yourself, or DIY, culture became popular, area rugs with abstract or modern designs or artwork became affordable for many.  People were either buying them at mass discount stores or making their own with rug knotting kits from the craft or hobby store. That way, they could customize their own look or theme for a particular room.

    Those who benefit to greatest are renters as landlords may be reluctant to change the carpet to match personal tastes. And at the same time, they may frown upon renters changing the carpet or flooring –even at the renters’ expense.  Since using an area rug is temporary and does not alter a property in any way, it is the perfect solution to wanting an aquamarine rug.

    When choosing an area rug, keep in mind that what you spend is what you get.  Area rugs can run anywhere from $40 to $4000. Anything under $30 is likely to either be very small (like a hall or walkway rug) or not last very long.

    If you invest in a rug that measures close to the size of the room, it may be best to have the carpet professionally cleaned first.  Though not necessary but in the case of renters, it will spare the floors a great deal.

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