Which Brands are Best at Creating the Social Media Buzz?

Which Brands are Best at Creating the Social Media Buzz?

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  1. Social media has become an integral part any company’s marketing strategy within the last 5 years. Mashable just published a post saying that most businesses are looking to increase their social media budget spending by 75% in 2011. Here are the gurus that are doing social media right.


    AudiAudi has been announced as the car company with the most interactive Facebook page. This means for every post they get the most "Likes." The secret behind their dynamic and interactive page? Our guess is the tons of pictures and insider tips. Plus Audi really has established itself as a brand with a loyal following. Like most German cars, once you drive one, you never want to drive anything else.

    Ford is another great example of social media optimization at its finest. They have generated this type of "word-of-mouth" social media that has gone viral (to say the least). They incorporated 100 social media fanatics that shared their experiences with the Ford Fiesta over 6 months on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube channels. Genius – yes! This isn’t just a list of corporate heads that are telling you how awesome the brand is; it’s people like you telling you the truth.



    Coca Cola has created a type of "Happiness Ambassador" program to make their social media strategy long-term. The soft drink giant has used social media to connect with consumers and convince them of the greatness that is Coca Cola. Coca Cola blurred the traditional lines of PR and marketing – these "Hapiness Ambassadors" were able to follow a strategy that connected to everyday people.

    Starbucks covers Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. and they ask their consumers to share their ideas about Starbucks. You can vote on other people’s ideas and suggest new ideas to Starbucks. This network of people coupled with their "Ideas in Action" blog really adds a personal feel to the Starbucks brand (especially since their slogan is "Made for You").


    NikeNike has been buzzing on YouTube for awhile now. They have very catchy ad campaigns (including LeBron James’ "Rise" commercial) which has gone completely bananas-vial all over YouTube (and has been deemed one of the best viral ad campaigns of 2010). Nike also splits itself up between multiple twitter accounts – which is smart since people definitely are not interested in every single sport Nike covers.


    MTV has always been hip and successful among the younger demographic, so it’s no surprise that they are great at social media as well. The faces of MTV have their own social media accounts and MTV also takes hold of YouTube and other means of reaching out to their audience.

    These are 6 of my favorite companies that use social media to optimize their marketing campaigns. Social media can really boost a marketing campaign into the present and these companies are proof that social media done correctly can be very lucrative.

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