​Which Technology to Manufacture Active Magnesium Oxide is Better?

​Which Technology to Manufacture Active Magnesium Oxide is Better?

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  1.    The active magnesium oxide is a particular magnesium    http://magnesiumking.com/pure-magnesium-oxide/      oxide in magnesia. Because there was no the concept long ago. After many trials, Meishen Technology found that the active magnesium oxide has unique properties in some industries. Therefore, the active magnesium oxide was widely known. There are many technology to produce it. So, which technology to manufacture active magnesium oxide is better?   

       The production technique route of active is fundamentally the same a light magnesium oxide, the main difference is controlled process condition. The main methods of manufacturing are dolomite by carbonization, brine carbonization method, brine-ammonia method, bittern-ammonium carbonate method and so on. Generally speaking, the active order of above technologies is: dolomite by carbonization > rine carbonization method > bittern-ammonium carbonate method > brine-ammonia method. The technology has a greatly influenced for the activity.   

       In addition, according to the different raw materials, operational approaches and requirements to product index, it can adopt these processes: vapor phase method, alkoxide hydrolysis, homogeneous precipitation method, direct precipitation method, sol-gel method, solid phase method, spray pyrolysis and other methods. Although these methods did not form big scale of production, they are important methods to produce high quality magnesium oxide at present. These methods are bright spots to enter high-tech field for magnesium salt industry. What’s more, they are modern processing technologies which need to be further studied.  

       After the above introductions about manufacturing active magnesium oxide, are you clear about this problem? If you still want to know more knowledge about active magnesium oxide, or you want to purchase the active magnesium oxide, Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is your best choice, which is the professional magnesium oxide manufacturer and the researcher of active magnesium oxide. Welcome to the factory to visit and inspect. 

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