Who in the World Left the Gate Open!?

Who in the World Left the Gate Open!?

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  1. Most people take the time to ensure they keep their back gates are closed and stay closed.  Maybe they want to keep the dog fenced in or keep playing children from straying… or perhaps they are more concerned about what could might in!  This concept goes hand in hand with our love lives. 

    Is your life gate wide open for your past to slip right on in?  With today’s technology… it may be!

    New life… Same Old Cell Number?

    How long have you had your cell phone number?  Is your number the same as it was during your last break-up?  If so, you have probably had this phone number way too long.  People are getting way too comfortable with their mobile numbers.  Old contact info is NOT your friend!  Drama is kept up so easily just by people knowing your phone number.  I know Grandma probably knows this number by heart but let’s think of how easily accessible you are to your ex’s.  Don’t be ok with the fact the any old (or new for that matter) ex can just call you up and rustle your feathers whenever they feel like it. 

    Speaking of which, calling may not be your main concern.  Texts are the old flames new BFF.  The ex may not have the gall to dial you up, but it doesn’t take much heart (nor alcohol) to send a text message. Don’t leave yourself open for a blast from the past to stir up some old emotional wounds.  Take that power away and change that number!  New life, new number, new results!

    Anti-Social Networking

     Yes, it is great to be able to connect with your old college roommate via FaceBook, or even see what your favorite celebrity has to say on Twitter.  However is it really necessary to talk to your 8th grade boyfriend or reconnect with the low life player that broke your heart 6 times in high school?  Sure, sometimes depending on the mind states of each party involved, this can be a seemingly harmless act until of course it isn’t!  Dwelling in the past, especially in a particularly messy period can be extremely dangerous.  Social networking gives keys to lots of doors that should not be opened.  In this, you end up taking part in sequels that shouldn’t even be made, and we all know that in most cases the sequel is never as good as the first!  Just don’t do it!  You don’t have to accept every friend request nor do you have to explain why.  You are you own spam blocker.  Don’t let in a potential virus.  People are in our lives for reasons and seasons, and when those seasons are up, let them go, happily. 

    In the words of my very wise grandmother, never step backwards, you never know what you might step in!


    Go with love, TJSH

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