Why Cardiovascular Exercises are Important

Why Cardiovascular Exercises are Important

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  1. Cardiovascular exercises–heart exercises–are extremely important in order to prevent, protect and maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. A sedentary lifestyle–that of sitting too much at work or at home, is a major cause and reason why many succumb to a heart attack, stroke or other health concerns. There is scientific evidence that cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking and using health equipment such as a treadmill can prevent heart disease by reducing blood pressure and losing weight. Cardiovascular exercise is any physical activity that uses the large muscles of the body, increases the heart rate and is an exercise that is continuous and has a rhythmic movement to it.

    What about Losing Weight and High Cholesterol?

    Another good reason why cardiovascular exercises are so good is that they help to lower the "bad" cholesterol levels in our blood and work to "raise" the "good" cholesterol levels in our blood. For those who have diabetes, cardiovascular exercise helps the body to utilize insulin more effectively so that the glucose levels in the blood can be controlled and maintained in a better way.

    How does Cardiovascular Exercise help in Physiological ways?

    Not only does cardiovascular exercise help prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes but it also improves the strength and function of our muscles. Also, cardiovascular exercise also improves the body’s function and ability to absorb and take in and then use oxygen in a more effective way. This is especially important for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease or those who are seeking ways to prevent heart disease.

    Cardiovascular Exercise Affects Triglycerides and Cholesterol Levels

    What makes this form of exercise even more appealing is how it affects a person’s triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Many studies and physicians agree that by utilizing cardiovascular exercise on a routine basis helps to lower triglyceride levels and raise HDL –the good–cholesterol.

    What about Blood Pressure?

    Another plus factor with cardiovascular exercise is that it helps to lower one’s blood pressure–which is a major deal when it comes to the risk of heart disease. It is a fact that the more pressure that blood is put on the walls of our arteries, the harder it is for one’s hear to pump. That is where this kind of exercise can be so helpful because the when you exercise and your heart begins to pump harder–like running fast or walking briskly, you give the muscles of your heart some necessary exercise. When this kind of exercise is regular and consistent, then you are doing you best to prevent heart disease and stroke.

    To conclude, cardiovascular exercise is a wonderful tool for those who want to prevent or treat heart disease; however, before beginning any exercise program, it is wise to first check with your doctor.

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