Why Fail to Get free 14-day Runescape Membership and enjoy 8% discount rs 2007 gold now

Why Fail to Get free 14-day Runescape Membership and enjoy 8% discount rs 2007 gold now

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  1. 14-day Runescape membership has set the world on fire recently. If you have an ironman or hardcore ironman account and login before October 16, you may have been credited a 14-day membership. If you don’t, it may be caused by 3 reasons.

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    First, the promotion ends before you log in your rs iron man account.

    It is announced that the existing ironman or hardcore ironman account that was active at any point between September 19 and October 16 at 23:59 UTC will get the free 14-day runescape membership at some point on Oct 17. All this process will be done by 14:00 Game time.

    That means, if you don’t get the free membership in RS3 until now, you may miss the chance. And you can check if you fail to login your account in the valid time.

    Second, you can only get free membership on a single account.

    Jagex has clarified that people cannot received membership on all their accounts. The official has had techs to detect more than one account created by one players, and they have only given it to a single account. So if you have multiple ironman accounts, please make sure that all of them are active before Oct 16, and then check whether one of them gets free 14-day runescape membership.

    Last, the free membership is automatically credited with no message.

    14-day free runescape membership will be automatically credited with no any message to notify you. So you need to log out every half hour or so and see if it’s there.

    It is marked that this promotion doesn’t exclude accounts that were made after the announcement on Oct 13. So if your account is created before Oct 16 and active, you should also have got the free membership.

    In addition, both Runescape 2007 and Runescape 3 use the exact same membership system, so this promotion would give you membership on osrs as well. Did you get the free membership in Runescape? Gold4fans provides not only the latest rs updates, but also cheap runescape gold. All customers can buy cheap runescape gold with exclusive 8% off code “RS8G” on Gold4fans!

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