​Will you buy rs 07 gold to practice Check Farming Patch Spell?

​Will you buy rs 07 gold to practice Check Farming Patch Spell?

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  1. According to the latest update from Old School Runescape, Jagex plan to add a spell to the Lunar spellbook which would allow you to check the status of all of your farming patches, excluding those unlocked through quests. In this way, you won’t have to pay a visit to the patch to check how your crops are getting, instead, you can cast the spell which would open an interface and show you the result. Glad to hear this news? Or is this good for you to gain more runescape 07 gold? If you need OSRS gold in the game, you can buy some on RSorder.

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    You need to achieve 65 magic without splashing to cast the spell

    The spell will cost 3 nature runes, 3 astral runes and 8 earth runes. And it will require 65 magic to cast the spell. It seems that it won’t be that easy for players to achieve this magic level for the spell. As you can see, Jagex just has removed splashing from the game, and this makes it even harder for players to achieve 65 magic. If you want to enhance your magic level, you will have to cost a lot time to do this. If you are in need of RS 2007 gold while gaining 65 magic level, you can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold on RSorder.

    Jagex will stop third -party clients access to your farming patches status remotely

    However, it is worth to point out that Jagex going to prevent third-party clients from telling you the status of your farming patches remotely. In this way, it is impossible for third-party clients to know the state of other’s farming crops until the player is actually near the farming patch. Jagex have determined to completely put a stop to 3rd party clients whether or not the spell will be added to the Lunar spellbook. This action definitely will benefit most players in the game.

    As we can see, Jagex paid more attention to their players recently, and players will more likely to enjoy yourself while playing this game. If you want to use this spell, you should make sure to achieve 65 magic level. This is not an easy process since you will need enough rs 2007 gold in your bank. Luckily, an easier way you can consider is to buy OSRS gold from RSodoer which is one of the most reliable RS 2007 gold providers. Hope you all have fun and enjoy the coming update!


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