​With Treasure Hunter,get Lost Sword of Raddallin form Treasure Hunter​

​With Treasure Hunter,get Lost Sword of Raddallin form Treasure Hunter​

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  1. Legit site to buy runescape 2007 gold pay by Alipay with extra discount on RSorder.Amid the chaos of the Kinshra invasion, a mysterious chest has been uncovered in Falador Park…rumoured to hold the Lost Sword of Raddallin.

    From 00:00 UTC on 22nd October until 23:59 UTC on 26th October, use a different skill each day to prise open the chest and claim the mighty weapon within.

    How to Play

    Speak to Darla in Falador Park if you’d like a full run-down of how the event works.

    The skills change each day, and there’s always a free-to-play and members’ option. Be sure to check back each day to find out what it is!

    Each day starts at 00:00 UTC and ends at 23:59 UTC – as per the in-game clock.

    Work on the chest each day to earn XP in the day’s skill, and increase your personal and community contribution – which unlocks unique rewards. To do this, you’ll need tools.

    You’ll get 100 basic tools on log-in, each day of the promotion. Should you miss any, you can pick them up on later days during the event. You can also buy small (30) and large (100) tool packs from the Loyalty Points store – up to 10 of each.

    Golden tools – which give 25 times the contribution, as well as 25 times the XP if the skill is 50 or over and 10 times if the skill is below – can be won on Treasure Hunter.

    Tools work for whichever skill is active that day, and can be used five times before breaking. Golden tools are always used first.


    You’ll get XP for working on the chest, and doing so will increase both your personal contribution and the overall community contribution to opening it. You may also receive commendations for the Invasion of Falador from working on the chest.

    Rewards are unlocked as both contribution levels reach the rewards shown on the interface. These include:

    The Sword of Raddallin itself.

    An increase in maximum level for the sword – up to 75.

    One and two-handed cosmetic overrides of the sword.

    A unique stance, shown when the sword (or override) is wielded.

    Mystery boxes, which can contain various Treasure Hunter goodies, as well as commendations.

    The final mystery box has a greater yield of prizes – unlock it if you can!

    Note that Ironman accounts can participate:

    Ironman players can get the daily tools and buy them with LP.

    Ironman players cannot claim the sword, but can unlock the cosmetic overrides.

    Ironman players cannot claim the mystery boxes.


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