Womens Motorcycle Helmets

Womens Motorcycle Helmets

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  1. Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

     If you own a motorcycle, you are one of many that love cruising down the street with a cool wind in your face. Riding on a motorcycle isn’t just for fun anymore though; women are cruising while showing off their own fashion sense with a decorated helmet.

    Manufacturers are now producing more women’s helmets than ever before. They come in sizes as small as 2XS and go up to 2XL. There are 2 main styles that women can wear with a helmet. A full size helmet will cover both the head and entire face. Most of these helmets come with a clear protective plastic that will slide over your eye and nose area to protect you from any flying debris. For the women that worry about the way their hair and makeup look when the destination is reached, they would probably prefer a half helmet, also known as a skull cap. Half helmets will cover only the top of your head to the top of your ears. Most women prefer this style because they are more comfortable and also easier to put on and take off. Some people prefer to own one of each helmet. You can wear the full size in cooler months and half helmet in warmer months. One thing to remember about a half helmet though is that it does not come with a protective plastic, so make sure to wear sunglasses to protect those eyes.

    Now that you have chosen the style of helmet to wear; you need to figure out the colors and design you would like on the outside.  This is where your creativeness can run wild. You can get a helmet in just about any color with anything painted on it. If you want to show off your hard-core side but still have a girly edge, go for a black helmet with a pink barbed wire design around it. Not very hard-core? Show off how girly you really are; get different shades of pink with some flowers and butterflies. It is completely up to you; just make sure it shows off who you really are.

    Last but not least to the helmet world is safety. Whether your state has helmet laws or not, it is better to be safe than sorry. Always wear a helmet when you are out riding. Also make sure that you have a helmet that is DOT safe. DOT safe helmets have met the safety requirements of the Department of Transportation.

    Want to know where to buy a helmet? Most major cities will have motorcycle shops like Harley Davidson or Cycle Gear. Both of these stores can correctly fit you into a safe helmet that you will love. If you don’t have a retailer near you, visit their website and you can see the wide range of helmets they have to offer. Helmet prices can start anywhere near $90 and go all the way to what your heart desires.

    Now that you have your new helmet, get out there and cruise the world while showing off who you really are.

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