World of Warcraft Legion Companion App is so hot with wow gold on sale

World of Warcraft Legion Companion App is so hot with wow gold on sale

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  1. WOW Legion Companion App is now live on Android and iOS! We have had a brief introduction of Legion Companion App before. Today, we will emphasize the current glitches and limitations on the app when you complete Class Hall Missions from it.

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    Main functions of WOW 7.0 Companion App

    From the new Legion Companion App, players can manage the Order Advancement system, manage the Champion’ s Equipment and train up new troops, and send the champions and troops out on missions. Specially, level 100 characters who have completed Uniting the Isles can browse World Quests as well.
    the phone app will be more convenient to use. Before, people can only do one mission each night, but now, they can start them from work. However, there are some limitations and issues on the app.

    Some limitations and glitches in Companion App

    As a new comer, limitations are inevitable. Here are some issues you should be careful:
    1. Each account cannot be logged in on the companion app and computer at same time.
    2. The app may not be connected on wifi. So players had better log in it on mobile data.
    3. Be careful when looking at your order hall talents. Some players have suffered that after tapping one to read the description, it starts researching it without warning.
    4. The app sometimes is out of sync. Currently, you may find that sometimes it fails to send champions or recruits out on missions. It may happen when your champions and recruits were already on missions.

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