World of Warcraft Legion Has Shaked up this ways with cheap wow gold sale

World of Warcraft Legion Has Shaked up this ways with cheap wow gold sale

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  1. Blizzard has released the latest expansion for the always popular MMO World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft: Legion is the sixth expansion for an online game that launched nearly 12 years ago. These add-ons don’t come around very often, but when they do, it is a huge deal for fans and even for those who may be relative newcomers. Read blow to learn in what ways Legion has shaken up World of Warcraft.

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    Demon Hunters, the brand new class are introduced by World of Warcraft: Legion

    The new area sets the scene for the new class which always is the most exciting part of a new expansion pack. Rather than starting at level 1 and working your way up, Demon Hunters start at level 98, giving you 12 levels to wreak your Demon Hunting magic. Only Blood or Night elves can be Demon Hunters, restricting your options, but tying into the Elvish lore well. New skills include Spectral Sight, which allows them to detect enemies, even if they’re hidden, as well as the option to double jump.

    Inspiring ways to make your character stand out and personalized

    Legion introduces artifact weapons, which are made specifically for your class and specialization combination. And it’s how you acquire them that the most interesting: following a trail of quests, rather than simply spending money. Completing dungeons on the Broken Isles as well as attaining various achievements will make your weapon more powerful. It’s a small but significant step in making you feel like you’re enjoying a more personal experience than simply doing the same as everyone else.
    The personalization doesn’t stop there. You are able to select your favorable class before you boost it permanently by World of Warcraft: Legion Class Trials and Character Boost.

    New Honor system and Prestige system make PvP and PvE guilds equally happy

    Legion is added with 9 new dungeons, as well as 2 new raids. Fans of PvP combat will be even happier with a new Honor system that sounds a lot like Call of Duty’s perk system. With 50 ranks in all, as well as a Prestige system, you can earn new abilities and bonuses each time you level up. One past problem with implementing PvP-focused abilities is how they can unbalance a class in PvE combat. This has been circumvented through the option to have PvP-only abilities that will only work within battlegrounds and arenas. This might be the ideal time to dip your toe into the more aggressive side of World of Warcraft.

    Professions are set a point and reinvigorate the community massively

    Much like in real life, it’s satisfying to look at something and think “I made this”. In previous expansion in World of Warcraft, professions have been pointless. However, Legion sets to buck that trend by making crafted gear worth it again. Each recipe will have three ranks to work through, each making things more efficient than the last. Crafted gear will have better bonuses too, such as offering increased run speed or offering some kind of specialized weaponry. It’ll be ideal while you’re being put through the paces, and it should reinvigorate the community massively.

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