World of Warcraft legion is just best expansion launch ever

World of Warcraft legion is just best expansion launch ever

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  1. Last night at around 11:50 p.m. PT — 10 minutes or so earlier than expected — World of Warcraft’s new Legion expansion went live.
    For those in-game in those first moments, the process was surprisingly seamless. Players at the pre-Legion level cap of 100 knew the expansion had been flipped on for two reasons. First, their experience point bars reappeared on screen, begging to be filled again, teasing a new level cap of 110. And second, a bird flew down from the sky with a message for each player: a quest that would open the way to the new content.

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    Yesterday afternoon, I took a nap so that I could stay up and experience the Legion launch live for myself. Other World of Warcraft players who have been around for previous expansion launches chided me. With so many people logging on to check out the new stuff as soon as possible, launch night is often a technical mess. Hell, launch week is often a wreck, even with the resources and general server stability of Blizzard.

    It’s not always just server problems either. Take 2014’s Warlords of Draenor launch, for example, the last time that Blizzard put out an expansion for World of Warcraft. In addition to having servers go up and down as was pounded by DDOS attacks, Warlords players also discovered some frustrating design flaws.

    The first quest chain in the expansion, the one that followed your character finding a plot for and building their own unique garrison? It required players to interact with an object that, for some inexplicable reason, unlike dozens of other interactable objects in the game, could only be used by one player at a time. With dozens crowding around to try to use the object at once, no one was happy on launch night.
    I was also given a grappling hook to use during my time in Stormheim. I used it to access high points, making it easier to navigate the vertical landscapes. It’s nice to have a little something like to make a zone feel unique.

    I also loved how much content littered the map. Besides quests, you’ll often find minibosses and treasure chests in the area. Beating a boss or opening a chest can give you new gear, pets, and (best of all) artifact power, which makes your artifact weapon more powerful.
    You actually journey to Stormheim with Sylvanas, until your fleet of ships is attacked by an Alliance airship. Then you play through a fun little instanced scenario of fending off the Alliance attack and sabotaging that airship. It’s a great set piece that introduces you to some of the major players on both the Alliance and Horde side, as well as really once again driving home the rivalry and hatred between the two factions. Any story content that can make me feel more pride as a member of the Horde is good in my book.

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