Worried about Leadership Profession for neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds?

Worried about Leadership Profession for neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds?

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  1. Imho Leadership was designed to make neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds. It’s the ONLY function of that profession that i know of. It’s the reason it took AGES to lvl to 20 and now to 25. Now they are taking the AD out of it on the PC because of Botters… Which is also the reason they nerfed the Dragon Hoard Enchants on PC, which makes me worry if one day we too will lose our Leadership AD, because we “magically”(cut and pasted) got the same nerf on DHE’s with our update even though we can not possibly ever recreate the action that deserved the punishment in the first place. Only given the explanation i know of is, “It is what it is.” Which i’m sorry but what it is, is not fair. That’s like punishing the whole class for one kids misbehavior. It’s counter productive. Without Ad Leadership will be useless, pointless and a waste of programming to have in the game. Can any Moderators or Developers confirm or deny my fears please?

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    Its definitely not the only function of it. Proffession resources, gold, and xp too. AD might be the only motivation for many, but you do get some other good stuff with leadership as well.

    Would be really nice to get an chance at eggs, aggregates, and elements as well, not to mention profession assets (increased likelihood).

    I do hope cryptic tweaks the benefits of leadership since they are taking away from us. It’s also very uncool to nerf what many of us built up and invested in….

    PS – If the mantra continues to be that XB1 and PC will be on same ruleset/mod, do we really need a dev to come in here and tell you what you already know? I’ve seen threads locked down re: this discussion, which just tells me they aren’t ready to deal with XB1 fallout from this change until they get PC stabilized. Note that the leadership tweak also comes with an economy overhual (superior GMoP and likely price adjustments based on the new avg income to time ratio).

    This took ages and real cash to build up. It would be something if it was a profession everyone got at max but, it had literally taken me since almost day one using it on several characters three times a day sometimes to get to 20 now. I think that is the reason I won’t spend anymore money until I’m confident that developers are responsible enough with decision making that players have to come first. I don’t say this ad a threat or anything other than to state why my fears cause me to tighten my purse so to speak. Hopefully they do something that gains back their players confidence besides throwing some changes in to offset the missing AD. Sorry but that’s just not enough.

    Pretty much nailed it right here. AD is supposed to be a “time currency” according to the game devs meaning, the more time you play the game, the more you earn. Now I’ve spent the past hour or so ranting about how it’s still got its issues over on reddit so I’m not about to just retype them all over here. But to summarize, you should have never been able to earn a time currency by not playing the game to begin with. Changes that need to follow the removal of AD from leadership are a price reduction in the cost to upgrade gear/enchants (which was already very recently announced as a change for PC) and they need to take the brakes off of AD earning that is otherwise known as Rough AD (24k AD per day is not enough, and its the main reason why so many turned to making AD via Leadership farms).


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