Wow gold 10% off sale: Nostalrius Server Returns Dec 17 with Database & Fresh-Start Server

Wow gold 10% off sale: Nostalrius Server Returns Dec 17 with Database & Fresh-Start Server

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  1. The process of Nostalrius Server is full of twists and turn. But fortunately, it has had a series of successful stress tests, and will return on Dec 17, reborn as Elysium. What’s more, players can continue your journey if you had characters before, or start off on a new fresh-start server.

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    When will Nostalrius Server release again?

    In the past weekend, Nostalrius server has completed all stress test successfully, and it peaked with more than 10,000 concurrent players in the latest test, far in excess of anything official WoW servers offer.

    For the success of the stress test, Nostalrius PvP and PvE servers will return on December 17, opening 5pm GMT.

    Nostalrius database and a new fresh start server are available

    So far, all character data from Nostalrius has been imported. That means, if you had characters on either Nostalrius or Elysium, your characters will be there when you log in, and you can continue your adventure.

    Besides, Elysium will launch a fresh-start server following the Nostalrius PvP and PvE release for those who want to begin again.

    Why can Nostalrius server appeal so many players?

    Nostalrius is a famed World of Warcraft vanilla private server. it offers something Blizzard don’t – a legacy, pre-expansion version of World of Warcraft. What’s more, it is non-profit.

    As we all know, Nostalrius server was shut down by Blizzard. Afterwards, the WOW team intended to work with the Nostalrius team and make a legacy server in WOW. But finally weeks turned to months, and then nothing from Blizzard. Now it will be reborn as Elysium. Do you think Blizzard will strike the server down again?

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