Wow mounts for sale:Soft Cap of Legendary Item Bad Luck Protection Removed

Wow mounts for sale:Soft Cap of Legendary Item Bad Luck Protection Removed

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  1. On Thanksgiving Day, Blizzard admitted on a blue post that they increased the drop rate of WOW Legendary items in 7.1 and that one week ago they changed Bad Luck Protection to be indefinite, in order to make sure that players can get WOW legendary items they want.

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    What is Bad Luck Protection for WOW Legendary items?

    The “bad luck protection” system is to protect the unlucky players from the cruel date of the dice and make them get the legendary items in wow. At first, Blizzard drew a line at 4 legendaries for this system. That means, if you have got 4 legendary items, you can of course get more, but you cannot get help from “bad luck protection” any more. The 4-legendary line is so called the soft cap of Bad Luck Protection.

    Deleting legendaries cannot make you get more in WOW 7.1

    Based on the “Bad Luck Protection” system, it is vain to delete WOW Legendary items in Legion, in order to improve the chances of getting more. The system looks at what you’ve gotten, not what you have.
    Blizzard frankly said that they had increased WOW Legion Legendary items drop rates in patch 7.1. But luck is inevitably a factor in games. As millions of people are playing the game at the same time, the pure randomness will likely make some players never get a singlr legendary item. So the Bad Luck Protection will be able to help all players get what they want.

    Soft cap has been removed from Bad Luck Protection system

    Recently, you may hear that there is an expected legendary count of around 4 in wow. Actually, it is an outcome of the soft cap. A group of players had done so much content and found the law. Usually, after they get 4 legendary items, they will lose interest in farming.
    So over a week ago, Blizzard remove the soft cap. That means, Bad luck protection applies indefinitely. To keep a gap among players, the Unique-Equipped limit will play a greater role in WOW Legion. In Patch 7.1.5, there will be some changes for the outlier legendaries. Stay tuned!

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