Xmas gift:10% off neverwinter astral diamonds and Current Starlight Parcels Updates

Xmas gift:10% off neverwinter astral diamonds and Current Starlight Parcels Updates

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  1. Currently, all neverwinter players are suffering from the bug of Starlight Parcels. And the dev is working hard to find an automated solution to make everything solved. The latest update shows that the issues on Xbox and Dragon may be solved next Monday, and those on PS4 and Drider will be embarked until January 2.

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    Issues on Neverwinter Srarlight Parcels

    As is tradition, the Starlight Parcel can be purchased from the Zen Market for the sake of rewards during Neverwinter Winter Festival. But recently, many players cannot be able to get the stated items and rewards. Even some players received a Neverwinter champion charger again and again. They neither equip it, nor sell or discard it. What’s worse, players have to offer space for these items. Did you have the same suffering in Neverwinter?

    Updates on Starlight Parcels

    In the past few days, the dev used several people in a very hands-on, manual process in order to find out a solution. But it is time-consuming and expensive. Now they are working hard to find a more automated solution.

    The current status is:

    Xbox = everyone should have gotten their replacement parcels, except a couple hundred characters who had an error and we’ll fix those specifically later.

    Dragon = Characters that start with symbols, A, B, C, D, E or M are done. I’ll manually work through the rest of these over tonight and tomorrow.

    Drider/ PS4 = It still doesn’t start until Jan 2 when all the dev staff is back in the office.

    Currently, the dev is on vacation, and only one staff is on watch. So be patient to wait.

    Replacement parcels did/will be given to players

    The dev has confirmed that they will never reset the opened count, and the replacement parcels will have you opening more parcels in the “after 5, 15, 20 gifts” rewards for more chances at the mounts, companions and other chase items. Over the course of this fix, about 1.5 million replacement parcels have been given out.

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