​Zakuul Knight Armor Offered without KOTFE Details, SWTOR Marketing Is Criticized

​Zakuul Knight Armor Offered without KOTFE Details, SWTOR Marketing Is Criticized

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  1. Zakuul Knight Armor Offered without KOTFE Details, SWTOR Marketing Is Criticized

    Bioware just released the Zakuul Knight Armor on cartel market on August 18. Players might be happy to collect swtor credits and cartel coins for the new armor, which is likely available for direct purchase in the next few weeks for SWTOR next expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. However, things are not so perfect since players haven’t got many details about how the expansion will work. In this case, Swtor Marketing Department has been questioned to be incapable.

    Zakuul Knight Armor available while players know little about Kotfe

    swtor Zakuul Knight Armor

    It is no doubt that many players are fond of the new Zakuul Knight armor and want to get one from the cartel market even with the cost of 1440 CC. However, they indicated that the armor is what they want but not what they need immediately, especially when they don’t even know the changes mechanic in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Swtor2credits offers a list about the general information we have known so far below:

    1. Rework the companion system.
    2. Change the leveling experience
    3. Changes of Gearing and Stats in the new expansion
    4. Class changes and new abilities provided
    5. Changes to crafting

    Though, someone stated that it’s like gifts for Christmas, which will grant more surprise and anticipation by keeping mysterious before the date comes, most players hope that Bioware does not turn information off completely, but show what to give, when, and how. If not the firm details, an overview of the major changes coming with KotFE should be provided. At least, instead of information, it should allow people to speculate, panic, and jump to conclusions – however the Community Managers avoid it by limiting Swtor datamined forums and other information.

    The Marketing is criticized by preventing information leaking

    Why Bioware is tight-lipped about KOTFE details? According to players’ discussion on forum, these are all decided by marketing department. They said that developers wanted to tell something during the Swtor Gamescom Cantina Q&A that introduced on Swtor2credits. They would like to show a new “fleet hub”, but had to stop and describe it as “a new place”. They wanted to show the function of PvE, but they couldn’t as a person from marketing was always shaking head to avoid them.

    In addition, players also quote WOW to show that Swtor Marketing is neither accepted nor successful. Hype is important for a game to attract new players and keep old players. However, suitable information should be given to tease people, to excite players, which just like WoW Legion has been revealed even it is far away from being available in next year. And what Bioware fails to create is a sense of hype, or at least keeping it up for a long time. It was a good sense of hype that amazing screenshots about the CGI released to teased players with burning republic flags, destroyed battle cruisers and those new Zakuul Knights. But after that, there is little useful information to know exactly how the expansion will be.

    In fact, every company has its own management and operation mechanism. Swtor2credits won’t determine conclusively whether it is good for Bioware to protect information from being leaked. Fortunately, there won’t be long waiting as Fallen Empire expansion will come October 27. If you want to get a full understanding about the game, get some cheap swtor credits with 5% bonus on Swtor2credits for your exploration.

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