A Guide to Heat Management Devices

Heat management devices are a rewarding investment. A pack of aluminum foils is cheaper than a heat management device, but the latter is not a disposable product. If you factor in the recurring cost of buying foils over a period of time, then the price of a heat management device will turn out to be a fraction of the expense. Besides, there are several advantages of using heat management devices.

Advantages of Heat Management Devices

Such devices are washable and reusable. You do not need to worry about replenishing the stock of foils. These are also far more reliable than foils. The devices have vents that enable you to control the flow of air, and thus the burn rate of the charcoals.

Most devices are enclosed so you do not have to worry about pieces of charcoal falling over, or loose bits of ash flying around. The charcoals can be conveniently rotated and moved around, so you can prevent blackouts and hotspots.

Heat management devices usually have ridges at the base upon which the charcoals are placed. This provides more gap between the pieces and the tobacco. Thus, the tobacco does not get burned quickly, which happens in case of foils or when charcoals come in close contact.

Shisha tobacco flavors are better enjoyed with heat management devices due to smoother airflow and uniform heat distribution. The charcoals last longer as they are protected from wind and nearby external influences.

Types of Heat Management Device for Hookahs

One of the most common types is the Lotus style. There are many variants of this style available today. The original has two components: a cylindrical base and a lid. The base has slots. The lid has a top that can be rotated. Typically made from cast zinc alloy, this type has thick walls and useful features such as raising the slots in the base. Lotus styles are compatible with flat charcoal. These devices tend to take longer to warm up, but they are also better at heat retention.

Razor style is another common type. This one too has a cylindrical base with slots and a lid with rotating top for easy adjustment of the vents. One advantage of this type is the space inside. It is compatible with both flats and cubes of charcoal. One shortcoming is the limited opening of vents. Hence, the airflow is restricted to an extent. This facilitates a slow burn. On the flipside, since it is made of aluminum, the charcoals may not last as long as in the case of Lotus.

Ignis style is nearly identical to Lotus. The difference lies in the shape of the vents. Ignis has fan shaped vents. The latter has lotus shaped vents. Ignis devices are made from aluminum. Stratus style is another popular type. This range comes with additional adjustable vents on the side. The design facilitates copious airflow so the burn is swifter. The charcoals may not last long but you can expect voluminous clouds of smoke.

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