A List of Organic Fertilizer Benefits

A List of Organic Fertilizer Benefits

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  1. Organic fertilizer is made up of dead plant material, old food scraps and animal manures. The organic matter improves the quality of the soil during the planting season. More producers and gardeners are making the choice to go organic because it is more environmentally friendly and easily accessible. 

    Organic Fertilizer is Chemical Free 

    When using organic fertilizer, it can produce food that is free of chemicals and toxins as opposed to other gardens that use fertilizer with chemicals. Organic fertilizer is made up of natural materials making it safer to use.

    It is Safe for the Environment

    Organic fertilizers are more ideal because they are bio-degradable and causes less harm to our environment. At the website,  Organic Facts.net, it states that fruits and vegetables that are grown in organic fertilizer have a lesser chance of producing a toxin that could possibly cause cancer or other disorders to the human body. 

    Organic Fertilizer Production Creates More Jobs

    The production of organic fertilizers are produced locally and in rural areas which can create jobs for smaller towns. Chemical fertilizers are made in large factories with automated machines-which also cause more damage to our environment. 

    Organic Fertilizer Creates Healthier Soil

    Organic fertilizer provides the soil with healthy nutrients such as nitrogen, potash and phosphates. Fertilizer that is created with chemicals  break down the soil and cause harm to the natural composition and structure.

    Easily Accessible 

    You can create your own organic fertilizer by composting from home or by purchasing it at local plant nurseries and landscape supply centers.

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