A Yacht View of Chicago

A Yacht View of Chicago

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  1. I’m about to embark on three months of travel that will take me around the country, as well as parts of Europe.  In the meantime, I’ve been spending a bit of time checking out one of the world’s most famous cities – from a yacht.

    My friend Theresa Carter is officially The Local Tourist and there isn’t much about Chicago she doesn’t know.  I, on the other hand, can still count the number of times I’ve been there on my fingers since I have only lived in the Midwest for just over a year.

    Theresa’s been running some great events that I’ve had the pleasure to come along on.  She uses Free Spirit Yacht Cruises so I not only get to have a good time, but I get a great view of Chicago as we move along the water.  I feel a bit like a local tourist constantly asking ‘what’s that?” but everyone has been very patient with me (even when I light up as bright as Navy Pier looking at all the city has to offer).

     The first adventure I went on was the Chef’s Table, an evening of food and talk with Chef Cleetus, owner of City Provisions Catering & City Provisions Deli (http://www.cityprovisions.com).  He’s a big proponent of local farmers.  His menu changes with what’s available fresh at the time.  We were treated to a fascinating discussion on sustainable foods, while enjoying and Deviled Eggs with Bacon and homemade Mayo, Mushroom Bruschetta, Smoked Pork with Blueberry Sauce and fresh jumbo shrimp.  Despite the rain, we enjoyed the food, wine, conversation and views.

    I was back on the Free Spirit Yacht a few weeks later for my very first “Tweetup.”  I have to admit it was freeing to spend the night with a great group and be expected to take out your phone and tweet every few minutes!  On this evening the weather was perfect for views of the Chicago skyline as we enjoyed the great goodie bags, door prizes, networking – and incredible food.   Dawali (http://www.dawalikitchen.com ) was the caterer for this event and they seemed to have known exactly what I loved and craved.  The Falafel was delicious,  the Cucumber salad was great and the chicken and beef were very tasty, but the Baklava  was the very best I’ve ever had. 

    If you live or visit Chicago, I urge you to check out these and other ongoing events by The Local Tourist.  This weekend she’s actually got a most unusual one – Alpha Beer, where you get to sample brews from every letter of the alphabet!

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